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Flyaway Conversations Chicago

We stopped women on the street in Chicago to learn how their hair makes a statement.

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Jessica V.

“I think I make a bold statement every day by wearing my hair naturally curly and not straightening it.”

Lillian R.

“My hair is one of my most recognizable features. It gives me the confidence to be myself.”

Cait D.

“My hair matches my mood. I start my days with it down, polished just enough to give me a fresh boost. At work, I pull it into an efficient pony tail, and at the gym, I wrap it into a no-nonsense bun. Once it's finally time to unwind, I unwrap my bun and let my accomplished, wavy hair do the rest of the talking.”

Marilyn L.

“If my hair feels and looks good, it reflects in my mood.”

Allie H.

“My hair helps me be genuine yet confident in whatever I'm doing. Whether that's a presentation at work or going out on a date with a new guy, my hair helps me convey qualities about myself to others.”

Bridget B.

“Every hairstyle says something: slicked back low pony gives me a sleek assassin look, but a picked out curly fro gives me natural African queen vibes.”

Jacquie P.

“I wear a lot of black and wanted to bring some color into my style so I figured by hair was the best place to do that!”

Julia P.

“First impressions are everything, so the way I wear my hair must definitely make a statement.”

Katy G.

“I think with my hair being purple makes me pretty bold, unapologetic, creative and/or rebellious. A lot of people have been coming up to me saying the purple suits me and I agree.”

Marissa B.

“I try to make hair time with my daughter special every time, because I want her to grow up to love her beautiful bouncy curls.”

Meghan V.

“My hair reminds me that I can change daily, and change back — nothing is set in stone.”

Rachelle M.

“I feel more confident when I lighten my hair. … I find that highlighting my naturally dark blonde works makes me look brighter overall and that gives me confidence.”

Sydne L.

“My hair has made me really dig into things like my sexuality, identity and femininity. Sometimes I think my hair is cooler than I am.”

Tracee B.

“As an artist in a tough, competitive market, I like that I have hair that people can recognize, like if I'm featured in a local magazine or an art exhibit. My hair has become a part of my identity, my trademark.”

Katie V.

“Red hair is unique, vibrant and fiery. It helps me stand out in a crowd and it's the first thing that people notice about me. I love it.”

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