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Flyaway Conversations Los Angeles

We stopped women on the street in Los Angeles to learn how their hair makes a statement.

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Los Angeles

Sophie W.

“I have always loved my hair for how it separated me from everyone else. My hair always did what it wanted and I always walked to the beat of my own drum — that and I am a Leo. The hair just fits.”

Sydney M.

“I work in a very competitive creative field that’s hard to stand out in, but my hair has unexpectedly become my secret weapon. It’s one of the best ice breakers when meeting new people, and while they may not remember my name, they always remember that girl with the pink (or purple, or blue) hair.”

Andy L.

“I have my mother’s long black hair, the same long black hair that my aunt has and that many of my little cousins are growing up to have. It connects me to the women in my family in that way, and it’s comforting and empowering to know that no matter which crazy color or cut I decide to go with the different stages of my life, at the root of it all (pun intended), my family and heritage will always be there as a constant.”

Amina M.

“My hair is my freedom of expression. Once I finally and fully embraced it, I feel that it became a part of my appearance that has the power to represent my spirit.”

Rachel D.

“People really know me for my hair. That just adds to my confidence and makes me feel like I am making a bold choice every day.”

Chanel T.

“For a long time, I tried to identify who I was through my hair. Over the years, I struggled to find the right style, that would make me comfortable. One day, I decided to be free from validation, and bondage to what our society's 'ideal' look should be for a woman. So, I cut it all off. Since then, the physical and spiritual liberation I feel from choosing this look, expresses the peace and self-love which took years to achieve. It is more than just a hairstyle for me, it is an evolution of self-acceptance. It's who I am. Take or leave it. I love it.”

Whitney P.

“My hair speaks to my versatility and my carefree approach to life. For a long time, I felt insecure about how my hair made me seem too young or unsophisticated in a work setting, but now I realize that I bring a fresh, individual perspective, and my hair communicates that.”

Anne P.

“From day one I always stood out from the crowd ... During high school and college I did a complete turnaround and embraced my hair and embraced the whole ‘fiery’ redhead personality which turned me into a bit of a rebel.”

Sarah N.

“My hair is like a blank canvas, so by being creative with it, I can be bold, unapologetic and rebellious all at once. It feels good to have the freedom to style it however I please.”

Sara Y.

“When I was younger I would straighten my hair everyday, but I’ve realized how unique and fun my curls are and I love letting them do their thing.”

Gabriela M.

“[If my hair could talk, it would say] 'be simple is the best way!'”

Roxanne G.

“When I finally cut my hair, I felt most like myself. This hairstyle isn’t just a trend for me — it’s a big part of who I am as a person.”

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