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Photo by Angela DeCenzo

Flyaway Conversations San Francisco

We stopped women on the street in San Francisco to learn how their hair makes a statement.

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San Francisco

Desiree N .

“Hair is always an expression of oneself! I'm lucky with hair that is naturally wavy/curly. I can make it super big and curly, stick straight and everything in between. It always depends on my mood, but lately I've been loving it in loose tousled curls.”

Shaquille H.

“Five years ago I decided to let my curls rule my life, and it was the best decision I've ever made. They help me feel brave and strong.”

Sherese E.

“ My hair is like yin and yang. Dark and light at the same time. Dark being feminine, light being brightness, passion & growth.”

Sarah L.

“In my opinion, there is no bad mood, bad interview, or bad breakup, that can't be helped by a fresh look (or a really good blowout). When life hands me lemons, I drink lemonade at the salon while getting bangs, you know?”

Sara A.

“I view my hair like an accessory or makeup — I like to change it up based on my mood or what is going on in my life.”

Patty M.

“I think taking control of my hair and styling it the way I want and taking risks makes me feel adventurous in other aspects of my life.”

Hayley G.

“My hair is a weapon, that I️ use to slay the challenge of the day.”

Jessie S.

“My hair plays a part in bridging the culture and traditions I was born into and the life I'm currently living. I grew up with more traditional Chinese parents — my mother frequently passed on advice from her mother in Chinese, including a saying that a good head of hair can overcome multiple other flaws.”

Katlyn S.

“If my hair isn't having a good day, neither am I.”

Anastacia K.

“My hair gives me the freedom to choose how I want to show up in the world. When I'm feeling tied down or need a revamp, I can rock a new style or just completely chop it off, which I did recently and felt liberated.”

Sarah D.

“My hair is sun-kissed, flexible, free.”

Jessica W.

“I've always been brave when it came to changing up my hair. From cutting bangs (to growing them out after having them forever!), coloring and cutting, I know it will always grow back and can be experimented on again!”

Kelsey Z.

“My hair makes me creative and rebellious because I can chose to style, cut, or color it however I want.”

Ali H.

“Whenever I need to feel brave, or stand my ground, you will always find my hair down in her full force. She inspires me to be magical and reminds me of my core self when I stray too far.”

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